Project Summary

Reinvigorating a 125-year-old icon

The ask
Can we develop a transformative business strategy, brand platform, and experience principles that unlock a new future and makes crystal cool again?

A celebrated history, an uncertain future

As Swarovski marked its 125th birthday, there was little cause for celebration. Revenue was down and jobs needed to be cut. While these issues were made worse by a pandemic, they were symptomatic of broader market forces Swarovski had ignored for too long. 

We partnered with Swarovski’s board, new creative director, and partner agencies (notably General Idea, Chic, and Villa Eugenie) to reinvigorate its storied brand and unlock a new future with a transformative business strategy, brand platform, and experience principles. Our goal was simple: to make crystal cool again.

Swarovski new brand identity across print and digital mediums

Pin-pointing the problem

Our research unearthed the challenge at the heart of Swarovski’s troubles: despite being widely perceived as a near-luxury brand, data showed it had also habituated customers to expect entry level price points and discounting. Not only was Swarovski failing to live up to its brand’s potential, it was unintentionally eroding it.

Swarovski visual identity guidelines

Image of Swarovski storefront through window

Spearheading the solution

We developed a strategy and implementation plan to “shift Swarovski’s center of gravity” and radically transform the business towards a bold, chic, and expressive future built on the back of a new product range and more premium average price point. We also helped develop a new retail strategy, customer experience, refreshed logo, visual identity, and internal engagement campaign, whilst at the same time supporting work on new concept stores and packaging.

In February 2021, only twelve months after first putting pen to paper, Swarovski re-launched the brand, unveiling the new identity, campaign, game-changing product range and a new “Instant Wonder” concept store in Milan, with plans to open a further 28 stores over the following months.

“The company registered its strongest growth in seven years. Retail sales rose 13 percent and business-to-business crystals were up 5 percent [...] The company touted the progress in the business model transformation including product creation, organization simplification and brand development.”

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Swarovski website featuring new identity

Swarovski crystal showcase
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increase in crystal sales
increase in business-to-business sales
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