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Turning brand into a powerful business asset for a global life science leader

The Ask
How can we unlock the potential of a brand admired by investors but few others have heard of?
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Danaher’s financial growth and industry impact have earned it a place among the largest Fortune 150 companies in the world.

But because the impact story of this global tech and life science leader was historically always told through the lens of its 15 operating companies, Danaher itself remained relatively unknown beyond Wall Street. To leverage the Danaher brand as a powerful business asset driving growth, the company asked Lippincott to help reimagine and reactivate the brand from the ground-up.

Our first step was to conduct global research into existing brand perceptions and opportunities across all the company’s audiences. Together with an understanding of the organization’s aspirations and the capabilities required to achieve them, this research served as the foundation of a fundamental brand transformation – building Danaher into a powerful corporate brand that would provide leverage to the entire portfolio and serve as a destination for both talent and world class partnerships across the health and life sciences ecosystem.

Lippincott developed a breakthrough brand strategy anchored in a singular yet expansive idea—“Innovation at the speed of life”—that positions Danaher as accelerating the impact of tomorrows science and technology. As the best brand platforms often do, “Innovation at the speed of life” came to represent not only the brand's future vision, but a blueprint for the overarching business strategy embraced by Danaher’s leaders.

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Danaher’s new brand identity needed to assure all stakeholders that the core values of continuous improvement, responsiveness to customers and business performance that had driven its success were unchanged, while helping them better understand the company’s deep capabilities.  Danaher’s visual and verbal brand expression was reimagined and imbued with profound meaning, vibrancy, and purpose.

danaher's new voice "innovation at the speed of life"

As a reflection of the strategy, the identity was built around the notion of an “acceleration curve” with every component, from the logo and voice to illustration and motion, conveying dynamism and forward momentum. 

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Danaher new visual identity graphics Danaher new visual identity graphics Danaher new visual identity graphics
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Greater than the sum of its parts

To ensure the brand’s ethos and energy was felt across the entire experience, we developed a library of assets and guidelines spanning video, social, events, and tradeshows. The centerpiece of this evolved expression was a new Danaher.com that now serves as a hub for telling the brand story, immersing visitors in the tangible impact of Danaher’s innovations, and generally showcasing the ways in which the collective whole of Danaher is greater than the sum of its parts.

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danaher new website

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Lippincott supported the brand launch both externally and internally, helping Danaher create a watershed moment for the brand and their 65,000 employees—signaling the way to a bold new future for Danaher as an accelerator of life science and diagnostic innovations that will continue to positively impact billions of lives around the world.

danaher new logo