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We drive purpose-rooted innovation that powers growth, solving the big problems that matter to customers and creating markets that don’t yet exist.

Getting you there

Too many businesses have wasted precious capital on waves of innovation initiated without a clear strategy. At Lippincott, we do things a little differently, focusing first and foremost on insight to craft innovations that drive business. Here’s how.

Segmentation and Targeting

Segmentation is a critical input to drive marketing strategy success. But people are complicated. That’s why we mix art with science and harness advances in marketing technology to develop creative and strategic segmentations that can be operationalized.

Market Sizing and Offer Optimization

Business success requires tradeoffs. Whether identifying attractive new markets to enter or identifying which features drive greatest profitability, we help grow share of wallet.

Go-to Market Strategy

Our approach uses practical experience to bring new products and services to market while mitigating risk, including product roadmapping, marketing, sales and distribution planning.

Growth and Innovation Strategy

From growth strategies that consider consumer needs, evolving market dynamics and your brand’s competitive edge, to innovation strategies that identify ways to unlock new potential, we help clients uncover where to play and how to win.

Value Proposition Design

We de-risk the development of new offerings by creating value propositions that are uniquely right for customers, advance our clients’ brands, have compelling business models and provide captivating experiences.

Product and Service Design

We conceptualize, design, develop and launch bold customer solutions that set trends rather than chase them.

Jobs to be Done

Our approach to qualitative research is grounded in a core idea: meaningful innovations start with a human truth that transcends traditional research. Using the Jobs to be Done approach, pioneered by Lippincott’s Taddy Hall and Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School, our process leads to deeper and sharper insights that uncover more resonant opportunities and unlock new growth markets.

Prototyping and Piloting

We blend design, technology, trends, and customer insights into transformative solutions through ideation, prototyping, rapid development, deployment, and optimization of immersive concepts—establishing meaningful connections between brands and their customers. 

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“Lippincott was able to expertly work through our organization in order to identify the in-store concept needed to action upon customer insights, partnering with us from inception of the concept to execution through each customer touchpoint. They truly delivered on the subtle art of trusted advisor and thought leader in an authentic and real way.”

Laura Kind
Vice President of Brand Strategy, Wakefern Food Corp

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