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Project Summary

Amplifying the story of North America’s most sustainable steel brand

The ask
How can we highlight Nucor’s sustainability leadership and scale of impact across industries while previewing the power of its investments and commitment to clean energy innovations?

Our future is being built with steel and the steel it’s built with matters.

Traditional steelmaking is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases globally. 50 years ago, Nucor pioneered a circular steelmaking process using electric arc furnaces (EAF) and recycled scrap steel, which reduced emissions to less than one-half the average of traditional methods.

As an expert in sustainable, industrial manufacturing, Nucor is leading the decarbonization of steelmaking.

By helping industries use steel more sustainably and collaborating to scale emerging green technologies, Nucor leads the transformation in how the steel industry and entire industrial sector work.

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Introducing Made for Good

To tell Nucor’s story, we created “Made for Good,” a dynamic conversation centered around how Nucor partners across industries to solve critical decarbonization challenges and scale new innovations. The campaign’s goal is to build awareness of Nucor and its sustainability leadership among senior audiences across the industrial manufacturing sector, including data centers, automotive, and green energy, inviting collaboration with current and future partners to advance industrial scale decarbonization.

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“This is more than a bold campaign—it’s the acceleration of our transformation.”

Tabitha Stine
General Manager of Energy Solutions Services, & Marketing and Branding at Nucor
nucor made for good billboard on side of building

A sizeable story for a sizeable impact

The campaign centers around a series of provocative questions highlighted in a green tag paired with CGI animations—drawing viewers into the complex sustainability and engineering challenges that Nucor continues to ask and answer.

nucor made for good ad on side of highway
nucor social media collage

nucor social media on mobile device

nucor steel image

As the brand works across the industrial sector, Made for Good carries an evergreen story that can evolve while championing its partnerships and innovations.

nucor landscape city with made for good tagline

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3D Production Partner: Tendril Studio
Sound Design: Echoic Audio

Nucor Outcomes
above benchmark for digital display and video CTRs
brand lift on LinkedIn
more efficient on social than industry benchmark
impressions across digital and social channels
News & Recognition
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