Project Summary

Designing the future of animal health

The ask
Can we leverage Pfizer’s heritage while building a long-term, ownable, and independent brand that demonstrates a commitment to animal health?

The need for a new brand

Pfizer, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, was considering a variety of approaches to grow shareholder value and align its portfolio with the company’s new strategy. This resulted in the spin-off and rebranding of Pfizer Animal Health, a 60-year-old company that delivers medicines and vaccines to those who raise and care for animals.

Pfizer Animal Health was in search of a clear definition of who they would become. They needed an identity that would stand apart from competitors, drawing on the company’s storied heritage while highlighting its commitment to developing innovative animal health solutions.

Lippincott was asked to be Pfizer Animal Health’s partner in defining the new brand and communicating the company’s vision to stakeholders around the world. So began a partnership that would touch on everything from the company’s new name, tagline, brand positioning, identity and visual system, to the brand’s activation across multiple touchpoints.

Zoetis "Hand in paw"

Zoetis-branded pet medicine and veterinarian

Starting with strategy

We immersed ourselves in the world of animal health through interviews and field visits to animal health operations. Our research was synthesized into a positioning framework supported by personality attributes and a complete brand narrative. With this framework, Pfizer Animal Health would have the tools needed to tell their own brand story about the unique position that they hold in the market.

Zoetis cat and logo

A name rich with meaning, an identity designed to stand out

The new name “Zoetis” and tagline, “For animals. For health. For you,” tells the story behind the science of animal health that the brand delivers. The name has its root in zo, familiar in words like zoo and zoology and derived from zoetic, meaning “pertaining to life.” Zoetis’ visual identity, with its vibrant orange, heroic graphics and emotive photography, further sets the brand apart by illustrating its commitment to supporting those who raise and care for the animals.

Zoetis print materials

Zoetis workers talking to farmers

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Announcing the new brand to the world

Lippincott then partnered with Zoetis on the development of content and materials for the company’s IPO. Working with Zoetis’ public relations, advertising, research, interactive and production agencies, we coordinated the development of key messaging, global communications materials, event strategies and primary brand assets for the launch of the new company.

Zoetis branded office

Exceeding expectations

Zoetis represented the first ever spin-off of an animal health business from a human health pharmaceutical company. Launching on to the market, the company exceeded all expectations in raising $2.2 billion in its public offering.

Zoetis has gone on to become one of the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock, building on its six-decade history with an unwavering commitment to the research, development and support of innovative, quality animal health care products.

Our Impact
raised at launch; the largest IPO by a U.S. company since Facebook