Canton Network

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Project Summary

Creating the new brand standard for blockchain networks

The ask
How do you translate a complex technology—one poised to disrupt blockchain—into a market-ready brand in a mere three months?

That’s exactly what Digital Asset tasked Lippincott with when they tapped us to launch Canton Network, a revolutionary—and powerful—answer to industry calls for a blockchain designed with the control and interoperability needed to power synchronized financial markets.

The network was launched with 29 market-leading participants from across the financial, technology and consulting sectors.  Armed with a deep understanding of both the level of complexity and meaningfulness the brand required, Lippincott came to the table with all the tools for a lightning-fast market launch: an informed hypothesis, an agile iterative model and a rapid prototyping capability. As important, we worked in day-to-day collaboration with Digital Asset’s executive leadership and cross-functional product, marketing and design teams to deliver a compelling, market-facing brand. 

Exponential power of Connection To advance the connections that unlock the power of the digital economy

First, we zeroed in on a purpose: unlock the exponential power of connection, that underscores Canton Network’s differentiating factor and became the crux of the brand platform.

This was a significant step in blockchain evolution, and there was a need to develop the brand’s unique voice in an increasingly crowded yet poorly defined space. We determined a set of commitments that outlines what the brand gives to its participants: institutional sovereignty on an interoperable blockchain network that reduces risk and increases potential with every connection. A network of networks, that unlocks the next wave of innovation and economic growth.

Following the discovery phase, where we prototyped various experience touchpoints, we determined that a brand video would be the most compelling way to introduce audiences to the new technology. Crafted to reinforce the brand’s purpose, the video brings to life the concept of “the power of no,” an empathetic hook for those in regulated industries who can finally say “yes” to a viable blockchain that offers control, certainty, safety and the ability to scale. This is something current blockchain networks cannot deliver without tradeoffs unacceptable to those requiring the highest standards of compliance and operational excellence.   

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canton network capabilities

canton website on mobile and website

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“The challenge was to create a distinctive brand, that overcame the jargon and noise, to connect our business buyers in a relatable way.”

Liz Towler Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Asset

The new visual system comes to life on the brand's website.

Given the complex nature of the technology, the modular, organic approach for the design system serves as a stylistic expression of the brand personality and can adapt to more specific use cases at a granular level. The design system is presented with a bright, fresh color palette and extended typeface that help establish and reinforce brand presence across the entire experience. 

The new brand comes together on the website, which we architected, designed and helped to launch. The finished result celebrates the scope and opportunity of the network while engaging visitors to learn more. 

“Exceeding projections, the launch boosted leads by 230% and doubled pipeline revenue, demonstrating the power of creative storytelling in a B2B environment.”

Liz Towler Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Asset
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