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Executive Summary

An actionable way to measure brand performance.

For each of us, a few brands have real meaning. Brands we love for how they relate to us. Brands that help us do what we previously could not. Brands we value, and invite into our world. At Lippincott, we call these Go-To Brands.

They’re built differently. So they must be measured and managed differently.

Brand Aperture® is our suite of performance measurement tools to build and sustain Go-to Brands.

It starts with Brand Aperture Diagnose, which measures brand performance and provides critical guidance to build more meaningful relationships with your customers. Built with an initial knowledge base covering 500+ brands and 30,000+ global customers, it’s more than just another index; it’s an insight-driven diagnostic tool that provides practical suggestions on how companies can express themselves and how they can innovate to drive immediate and far-reaching impact.

Brand Aperture® continues with a suite of practical tools designed to help:

  • Assess the value of your brand
  • Determine what your different audiences value
  • Find out what it will take to be a Go-to employer
  • Identify where to invest to optimize brand value

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