From Spin-Off to Independent Success

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Executive Summary

How can brand chart new futures?

Companies that complete successful spin-offs put brand at the center, with maneuvers rooted in purpose and expressed through great design and experience. We’ve helped create leading brands through spin-offs: Ameriprise (spun-off from American Express), Zoetis (from Pfizer), OneMain (from Citigroup), Bioverative (from Biogen), Xylem and Exelis (from ITT).

Through these partnerships, our team has honed a successful point of view on spin-off branding and has discovered five keys to success when charting the future of spin-offs.

“What’s your spin-off story?” It’s a question management on all sides must address. It often leads to difficult conversations. But when two companies part ways, brand can bridge the gap on both sides, adding clarity, unity, and a clear course for a successful future.

Our Perspective unpacks these five steps to brand-led spin-off success:

1. Plan for two distinct futures from the beginning. 

Have a strategy in place to tell your own story prior to Day One, so investors are confident in its potential and employees see their future.

2. Lead without apology.

The sooner new senior leadership encourages future spin-off managers to take ownership of their destiny, the stronger the organization will be come opening day.

3. Own your name.

The company name merits a rigorous, fact-based assessment that considers legacy equities, the future business vision, and what best encapsulates the company’s singular and directive purpose.

4. Address brand architecture.

Now, not later.

5. Harness employee energy.

Communicate clearly, honestly, and frequently to help employees feel like part of the new entity and confident about their future.

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