Webinar Rewind: Episode 1

Why chasing brand differentiation isn’t always the right thing to do

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Episode 1 of our webinar series, the Modern Marketer’s Toolkit, explored a startling  but clear picture: based on our recent Brand Aperture® data, only 5 percent of brands are considered unique to customers despite billions of dollars spent on marketing annually. This episode unpacked how to stand out as a 95 percenter.


Highlights include: 


- Insights from Lippincott's extensive consumer research, which involved surveying over 100,000 consumers to evaluate the market differentiation of more than 800 brands.  


- Live surveys with marketing leaders from today’s biggest brands touching on brand distinction, loyalty and more. We unpack why most marketers focus on differentiation, and why they need to pivot to meaning. 


- Tangible brand examples that show real value comes from driving connection with customers and enabling them to make progress in their lives, along with actionable steps marketers can take. 


- How to drive financial impact: brands considered meaningful in Lippincott's survey experienced more than five times the average revenue growth, compared to brands seen as transactional. 

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