Design Doing

Executive Summary

The craft that creates meaningful impact

Design is having a much-deserved red-carpet moment. Tech, consulting, and financial firms are snapping up design agencies. Designers are moving into CEO roles. Over the last 10 years, design-led companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 219 percent.

Design is more important to business than ever.

To build powerful brands, design-thinking is not enough. In this perspective, we lay out the precepts and principles of design doing—the meticulous exercise of converting strategies to beautiful, simple, and meaningful work.

1. Design for a deeper purpose, one that brings to life the culture of the company, elevates the industry, connects with customers, stands out amidst competitors, and captures the future vision.

2. Craft the whole experience, immersing customers in a bigger, emotionally-center idea threaded through every aspect of the customer journey.

3. Design for our on-demand culture, where the pace of change has never been faster, and today’s brand is tomorrow’s commodity.

4. Celebrate the small, and the unexpected, finding moments of connection in the countless interactions customers have with brands every day.

5. Simplify and seduce, helping customers navigate a complex world while inspiring them with joy and delight.

Drawing on 80+ years of work and practical lessons from Southwest, Hyatt Place, Jawwy, British Gas, and Starbucks, this perspective can help brands change, survive, and, through design-doing, build enduring, emotional bonds in our increasingly complex world.

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Let's design for a deeper purpose, together.
We can help you build enduring, emotional bonds in our increasingly complex world.