Project Summary

Creating a go-to digital banking platform

The ask
Following a strategic merger, can we help a focused financial partner grow into new markets without alienating its core audience?

The money mission

Money matters. And making financial progress can be intimidating, difficult, and emotional.

When Oportun, a provider of affordable personal loans and credit cards, acquired Digit, an all-in-one saving and investing app, a broader business vision became clear: to become known as a leader in the digital banking space.

To get there, it needed a purpose-led brand that would cut through the noise—one that would drive growth and reach new markets without alienating its traditional base of lower-income customers.

We partnered with Oportun on each step of its journey to becoming a digital banking leader, from creating the positioning, architecture, and visual identity to developing breakthrough messaging and activating the brand with its newly integrated employee base.

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Oportun billboard

The strategic foundation

Our first step was to glean the shared insight that would act as a unifying ethos for its existing customer base and the customers it hoped to attract. Through external and internal research, we uncovered that the true customer need was a brand that instilled confidence throughout the financial journey—one that acted as a trusted, money-savvy friend, ready to help.

Armed with that insight, we crafted a positioning that clarified what the brand aimed to achieve: “Giving customers the confidence to seize every opportunity.” The positioning is motivational, reinforces the idea of an expert friend providing you the tools to tackle your money goals, and even nods to the company’s name, Oportun.

Oportun animation of mobile app resources

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An identity that instills confidence

From this positioning, the brand’s look and feel started to take shape. The visual identity was built to bridge the gap between the digital disruption of fintech brands and trustworthiness of established banks, instilling an ease of use across digital and physical touchpoints. The “O” in the new logo is composed of three distinct parts, symbolizing the customer, their money, and their financial journey. The color palette is unique within its industry, and conveys a sense of confidence, reliability, and expertise.

oportun app

hand holding iphone showing oportun app

image of saving money on oportun app

Bringing the brand to life

Once we crafted how the brand looks and feels, we got to work activating the brand internally and unifying two distinct cultures: the existing Oportun employee base and the newly joined Digit employees. To do so, we codified an inspiring set of unique company values which crystallized Oportun’s internal cultural imperatives.

We then developed an activation plan that included a cascade of initiatives aiming to bring the values and the new culture to life for a diverse set of Oportun employees, from corporate to call center to mostly remote.

Oportun revealed its new brand to the outside world on March 8, 2023, poised to help customers ready to take control of their financial journey.

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hands holding book with oportun visual identity

oportun graphic of growing money