Reimagine Experiences

Brands today are built by what they make possible for their customers. We help our clients create meaning in their customers’ lives by turning innovative ideas into captivating experiences.

Getting you there

We design and deliver end-to-end customer experiences that are inherently unique and sharable, grounded in a deep understanding of operational, economic and regulatory realities. Here’s how.

Experience Strategies

Our experience solutions are anchored in customer and cultural insight, backed by data and rigorously tested and refined to ensure real-world resonance.

Touchpoints and Ecosystems

We recognize the exponential value that brand touchpoints deliver—in building brand equity, meeting customer needs and driving business results and root them within a cohesive brand ecosystem designed to scale and evolve over time.

Solutions Architecture

To bridge the gap between business needs, experience vision, and technical implementation, we craft detailed blueprints that define how components, platforms, partners, and services work together. We then develop and deploy end-to-end solutions that bring the experience to life.

Motion, Video & Interaction Design

To thrive within the inherently digital contexts of our lives, brands must come to life across channels in ways that are unique and create connection with their customers. We leverage our full studio capabilities to create and deliver the interactive experiences that set brands apart.

Technology Audit & Gap Analysis

Our in-depth technical discovery phase sets a strong foundation for customer experiences across all digital properties, helping us gain a rich understanding of the current landscape so we are best suited to identify gaps and opportunities that inform future design, innovation, and implementation for our clients.

Creative Technology

We specialize in crafting custom experiences that drive connection through captivating, tangible, and tactile moments. Our Innovation Lab researches, prototypes, and pioneers novel solutions across Generative AI, LLMs, AR, XR, VR, IoT, 3D printing, and fabrication.

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“Lippincott didn’t just learn about our customers, they taught us how to bring the voice of the customer into our day-to-day. Our product team has never had more clarity on what features and offerings matter most.”

Doug Lebda
CEO, LendingTree

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