Build and Revitalize Brands

We build brands that emotionally connect and remain relevant in changing markets. Wherever you are in your brand journey, we’re here to help.

Getting you there

From messaging and strategy to logos and identity systems, we’ll help you creatively build a new brand from the ground up or reposition an existing one.

Brand Platform

We work with clients to create simple, emotive brand platforms that codify why the brand exists, what it commits to delivering, and how it shows up in the world. The result is a powerful, directive blueprint that guides every aspect of brand building, creates real meaning among customers, and galvanizes employees to believe in and activate the brand.

Architecture and Portfolio Strategy

A future-proof brand architecture and portfolio strategy is a springboard for growth. Our proprietary, agile approach helps businesses build the framework for simplifying customer experiences, innovating in untapped areas, and launching new offerings.

Logo and Identity Systems

As the original pioneers of corporate identity, we’ve harnessed design as a vehicle for transformation since 1943. With a diverse team of visual, verbal and interaction designers, we create holistic, modern and strategically-grounded brand identities that work seamlessly across touchpoints and shape how people emotionally connect with brands. 


A memorable name can be the most powerful articulation of your brand. As the team behind some of today’s most recognizable names, from products and services to digital platforms and corporations, we have deep experience crafting names that advance business strategies and stand the test of time.

Brand Voice

Defining a distinct, ownable voice, and making it emotionally intelligent and responsive, is invaluable in fostering loyalty and staying relevant in customers’ lives. Our team—spanning content strategists, writers, linguists and designers—creates authentic brand voices and gives internal teams the tools needed to deliver across their audience’s journey. 


Effective messaging drives a brand’s story and experience through to corporate, product, employee, investor and marketing programs. We help our clients craft messaging that does just that, considering a wide range of platforms and audiences.

Management and Governance

Managing a brand effectively goes beyond static guidelines and brand books. We help clients put in place a more robust set of processes and tools to embed brand building efforts throughout the entire organization, from global headquarters to smaller satellite teams and beyond.

M&A and Spin-off Branding

For corporate transactions, brand is the key to accelerating success. A global leader in M&A and spin-off branding, we have proven experience across industries—including four of the five largest mergers of all time. Our knowledge of our clients’ businesses and organizational dynamics, combined with procedural know-how, sets a foundation for post-transaction success. 


A brand idea is most powerful when it can be distilled in a simple, memorable, ownable phrase. With equal parts creative storytelling and legal and linguistic rigor, we create taglines that go far beyond an individual campaign and become timeless assets that define brands with bold clarity. 

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“This was a fast-paced, iterative process. Lippincott provided an unmatched level of creativity and focus on solutions, with an eye for making sure the new brand would have maximum impact for investors, employees and customers. I couldn’t have imagined a better strategic partner to guide us.”

Brad Jacobs
CEO and Chairman, XPO

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