Project Summary

Reimagining the grocery experience

The ask
How do you transform a treasured grocer to meet the challenges of digital competitors and the myriad of meal opportunities available to today’s shoppers?

The call for an end-to-end transformation

From meal kits to online competitors, grocery has changed a lot in the last few years, so ShopRite engaged Lippincott to reimagine the shopper experience and position the brand for greater relevance and growth.

The ingoing goal was to help ShopRite reinvigorate their offering around freshness, value, and convenience to expand their appeal to digital-forward early adopters, including Millennials and Gen Z. To achieve an end-to-end transformation, we drew on the full spectrum of Lippincott capabilities, spanning Jobs to be Done research, brand positioning, experience innovation, naming, visual identity, product assortment, retail design, and marketing strategy.

250+ hours of ShopRite immersive research

“A home-cooked meal is not always possible... I’d rather have fast food with all three of us around the table than cook dinner and by the time it’s done, it’s too late.”

Stephanie C.

Strategic rigor, starting with customer insight

Starting with a rigorous Jobs to Be Done research sprint, we were able to better understand consumers’ nuanced relationship with food and their anxieties when it came to the grocery experience. We conducted ethnographies and followed consumers across their day-to-day journeys, exploring their grocery shopping, meal prep, and even asking them to reflect on their achievements as a parent or family member.

Out of this close examination came a powerful idea that resonated across audiences: Making Together Time. This concept was built on an opportunity ShopRite could seize: helping consumers make fresh, balanced meals while avoiding unwanted compromises, all so that they can spend more time with the ones they love.

Making Together Time underpinned every aspect of the revamped in-store experience, from story to expression.

Making Together Time concept

From concept to pilot

We wanted to bring the new brand to life with a clear new offering. After extensive research, testing, and workshopping, we landed on the Fresh to Table pilot—a store-within-a-store meal solutions destination that allows shoppers to grab everything they need to prepare fresh, balanced meals in minutes.

ShopRite Fresh to Table Conceptual Store layout

Diced so you can dash signage

stop motion of hand turning ingredients into salsa

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ShopRite Fresh to Table Produce Signage

We further quantified potential ROI and the increase in share-of-wallet that the new experience would drive for the ShopRite brand if scaled across the entire estate. We also managed the logistics of launching the new pilots, including store selection, décor, merchandising strategy, layouts and opportunities to enhance the experience with digital engagement— such as integration with a new Fresh to Table app for convenient ordering and pick-up, digital screens that educate customers and QR codes to drive seamless interaction and loyalty along the journey.

To bring the experience to life, we developed the name Fresh to Table, along with a new logo, visual identity, and in-store activation plan.

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ShopRite Fresh to Table Food Being Prepared, Branded Apron

ShopRite Fresh to Table shopping bag and food

ShopRite Fresh to Table to-go meals