Live from SXSW: Is brand loyalty dead?

SXSW 2023

Live from SXSW: Is brand loyalty dead?

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Live from SXSW: Is brand loyalty dead?

There are more brands across more categories than ever before, and a seemingly unlimited supply of reviews, recommendations, likes, aggregators, and now chatbots to help us choose. In a world of endless options, why be loyal when there’s so much to explore? In this panel discussion live from SXSW, Heather Stern unpacks this and more, alongside Ari Levin, Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships at Hyatt Hotels, Jonathan Clarkson, Vice President and Head of Marketing at Southwest Airlines, and Georgie Jeffreys, Director of Marketing for Uber Eats North America.

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“It’s really about giving our loyalty program members more of what they want—and inevitably, that builds loyalty. ”

Ari Levin
Hyatt Hotels