Wine that loves

Wine that loves…

The Amazing Food Wine Company offered a unique concept to the American wine audience by creating a line of wines designed specifically to pair with foods regularly prepared and enjoyed at home. This new line of wines was intended to simplify the wine experience and increase wine consumption in the US market.


The food-pairing concept broke conventional American perceptions of wine in terms of selection process and usage occasion

Referenced food as the primary source of information to facilitate selection process rather than grape varietals and vintage that are the traditional decision drivers

Needed to convey credibility to consumers familiar and comfortable with the conventional wine selection and pairing processes as well as appeal to less confident wine novices


Created a name that is intuitive to the brand’s unique point of difference within the wine category

Developed contemporary and compelling packaging that stands out in a sea of conventional wine labels

Employed a color palette, illustration style and typography that work in concert with the name to create a label that is telegraphic and effectively conveys the essence of the brand