Brand Strategy and Design

Brand is a transformative force

Your brand is the sum of thousands of experiences that make or miss a consumer connection

At Lippincott, Experience Innovation is the practice of delighting customers and driving growth opportunities by taking a holistic view of the context in which customers and brands interact. Whether innovating new experiences for growth, designing signature moments for differentiation or curating a distinctive overall brand experience, we help companies remain vital and relevant in today's fast-changing, competitive marketplace.

Experience innovation should not be viewed as a creative exercise or a new marketing gimmick. It is a new approach to business, with the aim of finding significant new avenues for differentiation and growth. Our capabilities include:

  • Customer experience mapping and strategy
  • Digital and omni channel strategy
  • Signature experience design
  • Concept creation and innovation
  • Visual merchandising
  • Retail, restaurant, hospitality and
    workplace environments
  • Trade shows, exhibits, and events
  • Organizational engagement